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Full text of "Atari 2600 Manual: Atari 2600 Owner's Manual (1982)(Atari)(AU)[rev 1]"

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Mnted in Hong Kong 

Unpacking the Game 


ften you remove your ATARI 2600"* Video Compute* 
System w game from the box. you should have 1 

2400 Video Computer System gome console 

Two Joystick Controllers 

AC ?ower Adaptor 

Garrie Program 3 - 1 cartridge witn instruction manual 

Setting up the Console 

\fouf gone console attaches easily to vour television. 
Tr Simply disconnect the antenna cable from vour teievi- 
■ sion and connect the game cab^e from your Video 

Computer System console to the VHF externa terminals on 

your television 




Note: If your VHF antenna npul is not compatible with the 
game cahie on your Video Computer System, you may need 
an adaptor Please check with your dealer 

Power Adaptor 

Attoch trie power Qdapto fa the bock of vour console. Moke 
sure thai your console power switch Is off; Then plug hSe 
aaaptor into any convenient outlet 

Note; Please insure mat your power adaptor is compatible 
wrth your electrical supply, if you are m doubt, consult your 


Plug your Joystick Controllers Into tfte controller jacks at the 
back of your console For most one-player games, you will 
use the LEFT CONTROLLER jack. See your game instruction 
booklet for details. 

Not* Some Afar? games require different controllers, Paddle 
Controllers, the ACTION CONTROL BASF" keypad for children's 
cartridges., ana the VIDEO TOUCH PAD™ controller may be pur- 
chased separately- 

Channel Switch 

Your Video Computer System Is factory set to operate on a 
non-broadcasting VHF station In your area. Slide me CHANNEL 
swich on your game console to 3 and select channel 3 on 
your television If you receive Interference on this station, slide 
the CHANNEL switch on your console to 2, and select channel 

2 on your Television. 

Note; in some areas, you will need r o *une you* television to 
enamel 3 or 4, msTead of channel 2 or 3 Note mat channel 

3 on your Viaeo Computer System corresponds to channel A 
on your television. * 

Returning to Television Programming 

To return to your regular television programming., you must 
reconnect your television antenna to your television, Be sure 
to turn your Video Computer System off and to unplug the 
power adaptor, 

• - ^r'a .- .=* c-annett I md2 r c xm at 3 -aid J mpfdta , 

Starting Game Play 

Always turn your console POWER switch OFF wher nserr- 
Ing or removing on ATARI Game Program cartridge 
This will protect the electronic components and 
pratong the lite of your ATARI Video Computer System game. 

Hotd the cartridge so the name on the end label reads right 
siae jp arid carefully nsen trie cartridge into Ihe cartridge 
slot an your console. Be sure the cartridge 3 flrmly seated bui 
DO NOT FORCE IT IN Then switch the power switch to ON. 

Important; If no playfiela appears, switch the power switch of 
ana then on again, You may have inserted the cartridge 
while the power switch was on. 

To remove a cartridge, simply pull it straight out of the oOfffiOte 





TV Type Switch 



Set this switch to COLOR if you are playing on a color tele- 
vision set Set it 1o Bi'W to atay the game in black and whrte. 


If your television has an automatic fine-tuning control, turn it 
oft and manually fine-tune for the best picture. If your set witl 
not receive color unless me automatic tine-tuning control is 
on, reave it on. 

Game Select Switch 

:n most games, the GAME SELECT switch Is used to select me 
game or game variation you wish to osay. See the gam© in- 
structions packed with your cartridge fen details 

Game Reset Swftch 

In rrost games, pressing GAME RESET or the red button on 
your controKer will start the game. GAME RESFJ will olso start a 
game over during game play Again, see your game Instruc- 
tions for details. 

Difficulty Switches 

The DIFFICULTY switches are usually used *o make a game 
more challenging for a skilled player, or to baionce Ihe abili- 
ties of two players. In two-player games, the player using me 
left controller Jack uses the left DIFFICULTY switch, the player 
using the right controller jack uses r^e - g-r DIFFICULTY switch 

In some games the DIFFICULTY switches nave other func'ions. 
See the game Instructions packed wrth your cartridge 

Care and Maintenance 

Troubleshooting Checklist 

rour ATARI V>deo Computer System game should give 
you many years of enjoyment To keep ft in good working 
condition, ptease remember the following- 

■ Always turn your power switch off when inserting o* 
removing a cartridge 

■ Use of any AC power adaptor or TVi'GAME switch box other 
than those designed for use with your 2600 Video Com- 
puter System may damage the system. 

■ Do nor lift the console or the controllers by the connecting 

■ Take core not to sp«! i quids on your console or game 


■ Do not expose the console, controllers, or cartridges ?o ex- 
treme heat or moisture. 

■ Take care not to drop the console, confrolle*s, or car- 

■ Remember to turn the power switch off and to unplug the 
power aaaptor when the system Is not n use 

■ Clean the contracts and console with a soft, slightly damp 

Your Video Computer System is engineered to eliminate 
pncsphor memory, or '"Durn-in," of stationary graphics, such 
as the playfieid and score digits, on your *elevis<on screen 
However, we suggest you take' me following precautions 

■ When playing the games, turn down the contrast on your 

■ Turn the Video Computer System off when not in use. 

You will find that most probtems with your ATARI Video 
Computer System gome have a quick ana Simple solu- 
tion. If you should experiervce any trouble with the game, 
check the following symptoms for pfobab»e ca^ise ond remedy 



No p avfield image on tele- 
vision screen or whitfsh-grov 

Console cower switch not 
turned on. 

Cartridge inserted wmle 
power Switch wos on. Switch 
power off, then on again. 

An tor no cable or power 
adaptor net connected prop- 
er "iy. Chec* a connections. 

interference on your television 
station. Check cna^ne selec- 
tion on console and fetevlslon 

Piayneld upsharp and 

TV TyPE switch m wrong posi- 
tion Moke sure the sw M tch is 
set to COLOR for a color teie- 
■ ■-'- ana to BW for a black 
aid white television. 

Interference on your tele- 
vision stot on Check channel 
selection on console and 

Antenna cable not con- 
necfea properly to the back 
of your TV 



No gome sounds 

Adjust the volume control on 
your television. The game 
sounds come from your 
teievision speaker 

Reconnect your television's 
antenna to the antenna input 

">: regular television 

Controllers not functioning 

Check your Instruction manual 
to make sure you ore using 
the correct controller and 
controller Jack for your game. 

If none of the above -emedies work, please contact your 
Atari deaie r